Okay, I feel better now...

As you will recall from Wednesday, this was me this week:

But I'm out from under the bed now, and I found a much better place to sit.

(It's so dang cold here!)

Seriously, here are some of the things I read this week that made me feel better:

What makes writing particularly rife with self-doubts is that by its very nature writing is the practice of failure. You have your vision of whatever you're writing, and the actuality of what you're able to do with words, and rarely the twain shall meet. ~ Sarah Zarr (writer), in a post on Teen Fiction Cafe.


“No, You’re forgetting,” said the Spirit. “That was not how you began. Light itself was your first love: You loved paint only as a means of telling about light.”

"Oh that's ages ago," said the Ghost. "One grows out of that... becomes more and more interested in paint for its own sake."

"One does indeed. I also have had to recover from that. It was all a snare. Ink and catgut and paint were necessary down there, but they are also dangerous stimulants.
Every poet and musician and artist, but for Grace, is drawn away from love of the thing he tells, to love of the telling... For it doesn’t stop at being interested in paint, you know. They sink lower—become interested in their own personalities and then in nothing but their own reputations. ." ~ C.S.Lewis in The Great Divorce.


Aside from doing everything you can to study your art and also learn the business of publishing – and there are plenty of books on all of this – I’m convinced that it starts with a decision to live the life that you were meant to live and not accept anything less. It’s important to stay focused and determined and not listen to anyone who tells you that your dreams are unrealistic. In the words of Winston Churchill: Never, ever, ever give up. ~ Jennifer DeChiara (agent) in an interview on Whole Latte Life

Also, The first 16 lines of my book have been through the Flog-o-meter and found acceptable!!! And there were some very nice and encouraging comments as well. :-)

So the sun's out, and things are looking up. But dang, it is freezing out there...



  1. Your beginning lines are awesome! Congrats!

  2. Blogs and the online writing community are so supportive and inspiring. I'm glad you're feeling better today and found the inspiration to get you back where you should be. Write on!

  3. Oh, how I despise lolcats. Oh well. You followed it up with a superb tidbit of CS Lewis; all is forgiven.

  4. Thanks PJ!

    Joanne- That's so true, and one of the side effects of blogging that I hadn't thought about. :-)

    Nic- What? Lol cats are hilarious. I bet Bekah likes them...

  5. Hi Miriam, I've given you an Award! Stop by my blog when you get a chance.


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