No one ever told me there were people like this....

Transcript of an actual conversation between my husband and I while we were dating...

ME: Hey, you should read (insert name of book here)

DAN: Oh, yeah. I read that one a long time ago, and I don't like to reread books.

ME: So you didn't like it, huh?

DAN: No, I liked it fine, I just don't read books over again

ME: I'm sorry, what?

See, I knew there were people who didn't read. (Those sad, sad people.) But I couldn't wrap my head around someone who likes to read, likes the book, but never wants to read it again.

How shocking!!!!

Well, that's not me. In fact I can think of at least a couple of books I've read at least twice just in the past year. So when I decided to keep track of how many books I read in 2009, I had to think long and hard about the rules. Here they are:

1. I will keep track of every book I read this year via Goodreads. Since I just opened an account, this week, I can start '09 with a fresh slate.

2. I will note how many books I read more than once and give you an occasional running total.

3. I will try to give short reviews of any new books I read, or at least tell you that I read them.

I was hesitant to do this because I cannot fathom why anyone would care about my compulsive reading, and if I bore you, let me know. But I was also curious. I've never kept track of my book intake in a single year, and though I know I read a lot, (as evidenced by my library fines) I can't quantify it.

Let the experiment begin!!


  1. I keep a Book Journal, where I log basic info of each book I read, a little synopsis, rating, maybe an amazing passage. It's amazing how often I refer back to it, or use it to recommend a book. Also, this year I read Alice Hoffman's The Ice Queen, and when I finished it, read it a second time starting the next day.

  2. I will love to see what you are reading!

    BTW, is there a link to your book yet? I wanted to add it to my 2009 list!

  3. I LOVE re-reading books. In fact, there are several books I go back and read every year. Some of them are writing books I read when I get tired and need inspiration, such as Carolyn See's MAKING A LITERARY LIFE. Some are books I just adore, such as POSSESSION by AS Byatt, HOGFATHER by Terry Pratchett, and various and sundry books I'm getting out of my storage unit (since I have over 100 boxes of books currently in storage).

    I find that I get something new every time I reread a well-loved book.

  4. Joanne- Wow, that's an awesome idea. It never occured to me to keep a book journal. If I had, I'd never be halfway through a new book and realize. "hey, I've read this..."

    PJ- Sadness, no. But it should be available by the middle of the year. I'll be sure to keep you posted!

    Devon- Hey, welcome. I'm glad to know there are more repetitive readers out there, not to mention other people who haul around crates and boxes of books everywhere they move. (And my collection is small compared to my dad's...)

  5. Hi Miriam. Congrats on your up coming fantasy book. Yah! I found you through Annette G's blog and thought I'd come say, HI! Always nice to meet another fantasy writer/reader.

    I'm inspired by your idea of a book log for 2009. I do keep track of the books I LOVE, but not all books. I started my Shelfari shelf but I might just have to do something on my blog too. Thanks for the great idea.

    And I also love to re-read books. Like visiting an old friend. The first read is fast and furious, and then the second or third or...I can relax and study the writing itself.


  6. Hi Paula! And welcome, of course. One thing I've always found funny about the way I read is that I too read fast and furious, and not analytically at all. On the first read all I care about is if it's a good story. Guess I'm not the only one...

  7. Hmm, there are a few books that I like to pick up every couple of years and reread - but I do love the curious adventure a new book brings! Love to read and write! Cool experiment! Read on! Slendie

  8. Yes, I agree... that's the beauty of a book, is re-living and re-savoring!!! Awesome post, Miriam, and thanks!!!!

  9. -Slendie, thanks for the encouragment. :-)

    -Gottawrite, you're very welcome!

  10. Haha, I think I am a little like your hubby and a little like you. But I only read my FAVORITE books over again. I'm talking Jane Austin and Laura Ingalls Wilder. But my boyfriend is very much like you. He reads tons of books and re-reads most of them. He is also a very fast reader as I can see you are too buy the looks of the book log... I on the other hand am a very slow reader, always have been I'm not sure why. Happy Reading!


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