No one ever told me I would hate my character.

I have a confession: I have a character I hate. And not in a gosh-what-a-good-villain sort of way. We're talking serious loathe here.

The guy does (almost) nothing productive for my story. He's obnoxious, lazy, and egotistical in every way. He demands to be re-written on a constant basis. He refuses to ring true or be realistic. Instead, he just sits around clogging up the pool and insulting the help.

I want to eliminate him from my story and delete him off the face of my computer. But I can't.

See, he does do two or three things for the story, small things true, but things I don't want to do without at this point. And here's the kicker: No one else in the story will do the things he does.

I've tried. I've begged and pleaded, trying to get my other characters to take on this guys work so I can get rid of him. They all refuse. Maybe it's a union thing.

This happened in my last novel too, a grumpy character that I couldn't write true. I have problems with characters like that. I can write good and I can write evil, it's the in-between that gets me.

Well, it turned out all right in the last book, I just kept re-writing until the character fell into line Maybe it will happen this time too.

But if it doesn't, does anyone know a good assassin?


  1. Are you talking about Teshan again?

  2. ugh. i HATE characters like that. they are SO annoying.

  3. Amy- Haha, yes I am. He's not doing what he's supposed to be doing, and in fact I think he's sulking in his trailer cause I cut one of his scenes. But I will prevail!!!

    Moonrat_ Glad to know I'm not the only one. Once I actually did get to say to a character: I don't need you anymore, goodbye. That felt great.

  4. I like that I thought he might be the killer. Other than that, yeah, he's pretty useless. I'm wondering if you really need them to reconcile. Maybe he could just go away after being a jerk and we never hear from him again.

  5. It actually makes him seem like a really powerful character! Good job!

  6. Amy- Ha ha ha... (evil laugh)

    PJ- Thanks! I guess he is pretty powerful, it's getting him to be consistent as a character that's the problem.

  7. Sorry, can't help you as I'm writing a memoir, and all my characters are real people. New to your blog and love the dog relaxing in the floatie.

  8. Thanks Gutsywriter! Memoir is one genre I've never been able to do well, so it's awesome you're writing one. Good luck!

  9. At first I thought that if you're so passionate about a character, even in a negative way, that passion will inform your story. Then I thought maybe so much focus on this character bothering you is standing in the way of your story. Hm. You've got a decision to make here. Should he stay or should he go?

  10. I love it. Very funny! So, as Murphy's Law will have it... maybe it will be THIS character that drives your future book!!! A good villain... don't judge this, but I do think of Anna Wintour in the Devil Wears Prada...

    Thanks for posting, Miriam!

  11. Joanne_ Yes, it is a bit of a dilemma...

    Gottawrite- I adore good villains. But (confession) I've never read or seen The Devil Wears Prada. I want to, but I've never gotten around to it.

  12. Necropost!

    You are asking for a character assassin?

    Excellent. XD



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