No one ever told me I shouldn't brush my hair.

I had very short hair for most of my childhood/teenage years, something for which I affectionately blame my mother. It wasn't her fault though. My mother (due to her part Native American heritage) has wonderful stick straight black hair. My mother's sister had straight hair. Both my grandparents had either straight or slightly wavy hair.

I do not have straight hair. I don't even have wavy hair. I have thick, coarse, mega-curly hair with a tendency to frizz. And my mother would sit me down every morning and try to brush my hair.

I also have a very tender scalp. And my mom likes plastic bristle brushes, which are pretty much the worst thing you could use on my sort of hair. You can only imagine the screaming.

So in grade school, my mom got tired of it and cut it all off. Now this should not have been a bad thing. Hair like mine, when short, often does wonderful little curls all by itself. But only if you don't brush it every morning. Which I did. Yah, I pretty much spent the rest of my childhood looking like this.....

(As you can imagine, this did NOT help my nerd status.)

Finally, when I was seventeen, I decided to grow it out, and started researching different ways to care for curly hair. This was when I learned that you're not supposed to brush curly hair. I comb it between shampooing and conditioning, throw in some mousse, towel dry and then leave it alone. Much better.

The funny thing is, I spent most of grade-school and junior high feeling weird because my hair was so out of control. Now I get compliments on it all the time.

What about you? Is there anything you used to dislike about yourself that you like now? Why?


  1. omg, I laughed at your comparison to that pooch! But I like the way you embrace your childhood hair, or should I say the way you "own" it! Offhand I can't think of anything I disliked about myself that I like now. Although my hair is straight, and back in high school, my sister would put about 40 braids in it and the next day I'd brush it out and look pretty much like that pooch, but with long, long hair!

  2. everything! seriously. haha.

    also, i LOVE brother cadfael. he's just about the only cozy i can handle at all.

  3. Joanne- That's awesome. I always thought it would be fun to have super-braided hair, but it would take forever to do.

    Moonrat- Hey, welcome! Glad to know I'm not the only one who loves Cadfael. (I checked out some of the television series at the library once. Very good.) Have you ever read the Phryne Fisher mysteries?

  4. I totally wish I'd known hair secrets back in my youth that I know now. Then I'd have avoided perms altogether (which really for my thin hair don't do much at all) and never used hairspray.

  5. PJ- I agree. Why didn't anyone tell us these things? (Perms and hairspray are no good for me either.)


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