No one ever told me about this little gadget....

I got an early Christmas present!

My husband knows how to make my heart beat faster, and it's not necessarily what you'd think...

New JC Penny ad.

Nope, I don't really do fancy jewelery. Instead, I got this, something to fill the cold, empty spot that my beloved lappy left behind...

The Dana by Alphasmart

I've been a serious writer since 2001, and no one ever told me about these things. But now I have one of my very own and it is AWESOME!!!

~I can put chapters I want to revise into it
~I can type directly into it, and then download it to my computer as a word file.
~It's super light and durable
~It was WAY cheaper than a laptop. (We bought it on ebay.)
~It runs on AA batteries.
~It also functions as a Palm Pilot, so I might actually get organized for once.

I think it's time for the happy dance of joy!

(Those aren't my hands, by the way. I stole this picture from a computer site. *hangs head in shame*)


  1. I'd never seen this before, but it makes a lot of sense. We don't really need the full laptop if we're just looking for a portable way to write, and I like the Palm Pilot too. Have these been around for awhile, or is this something new? What a great present!

  2. So many people rave about these, but I've never tried one! They do look tempting!

  3. I had never seen these before I went to Chautauqua. A lot of people there had them. I think they're super cool and I'm glad this new puppy has taken the place of your loyal old

  4. Joanne- Actually, the Alphasmart has been around for years, but the Dana is the "newest" version. It's much less distracting than a full laptop too. :-)

    PJ- I actually didn't see one until last month, one of my NaNo group had one. It was especially tempting for me because I'm addicted to writing in places-not-my-house.

    Amy- Thanks! It has turned into kind of a pet. I take it places even when I don't think I'll be able to write, just in case. Sad, isn't it?

  5. Ooo! I should put Elvis on there so I can read it when I'm out and about. That might work...

  6. I love love love my Alphasmart!!

    I carry it around with me everywhere, waiting for kids, waiting at dentists, doctors, Jiffy Lube.

    I especially love it because I can just focus on the writing and not have internet distractions.

  7. Pink- I know, the Internet is awful when you're trying to write! "Hmmm, I can't figure this scene out. Maybe I should check my Facebook/email/blog feed. I haven't check it for almost ten minutes!"

    Sadly, I'm not exaggerating...


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