No one ever told me it would be this hard to finish.

This is the year I finish, I feel it!!! Maybe. And no I'm not talking about a book....

See, for the past however-many-years, I've been taking classes from the Institute of Children's Literature. I can recommend them, they are wonderful for forcing you to write, and for helping you see ways to make your writing stronger. The problem is, I'm on my third and last course, and I just can't finish it.

Part of it's me. I confess that freely. Even with the other two courses, I often needed extensions and whatnot. But I swear to you, it's like there are course-gremlins out there trying to keep me from getting the dumb thing done. Now I can't tell the Institute people all the reasons that it's taken me a YEAR to turn in this assignment. (They've been very nice about it, btw.) I can't tell them because that would sound like whining.

I can't tell them, but I can tell you.... *maniaical laughter*

1. In August, I have severe family emergency. Said emergency requires a plane ticket home, the eventually quitting of my job, and much emotional stress.

2. Also in August I get engaged

3. In September, I quit my job, and in October, I move out of my house and into a friend's spare room. Spend the rest of '07 fighting with wedding invitations and searching for employment.

4. In December, I start a new job, one that requires dealing with computers and data and insurance companies. Lots to learn, but I would have done better if not for...

5. January, in which I dive full-bore into wedding planning, apartment hunting and yet another family emergency.

6. In February, I move into an apartment, get married and go insane, not necessarily in that order. I remember my assignment, but by this time the good Institute people have put me on a leave of absence, up in March.

7. Having a leave of absence, I focus on my novel, which I then sell in March. This so occupies my brain that I don't think of my assignment until...

7. April. In April I discover that I cannot find my course notebook. Oh, and I get laid off.

I would go on, but suffice it to say, I finally got through summer, unpacking and NaNoWriMo, and found my notebook a week and a half ago. Only to discover that the lesson I needed was missing.

It's the gremlins, I tell you!

(The lovely Institute crowd are mailing me an extra as we speak. I just hope they send it to the right address.....)


  1. Wow! What a year. I would need a nap! Hopefully all is settling down with your life, making more writing room available for you. Best wishes with finishing the Institute lesson, and with many great writing projects in 2009. Peace & happiness to you.

  2. Yikes! Lots going on! It's going to be a great year ahead, I know it!

  3. Joanne- Yes, things have settled down a LOT. And it's been an awesome year in so many ways, I'm kind of sad to see it ending...

    PJ- Thanks! I know it's going to be great, but I do find myself hoping for a little more boredom. :-)

  4. Scary when you find yourself wanting a bit of boredom! I know what you mean, but you HAVE had some crazy stuff going on.


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