No one ever told me I'd have this problem with my shoes.

Let me give you some advice that will stand the test of time: Never walk in the snow with hole-y shoes.

Okay, I know what you're thinking. Why would I blog about something so boring? Ahhh, but let me tell you the story....

My work shoes are wearing out. Nothing very unusual about that. When you spend four to eight hours on your feet, your shoes tend to develop holes in inconvenient places. So now my work shoes have slits in the bottom. But they don't leak, and they're still comfortable, so I haven't replaced them.

However.... on Monday I decided to walk from my work to the library, a distance of about half a mile. I've done it many times, no problem. There was a little snow on the ground, but I figured my shoes were up for the task. What I didn't count on were the slits.

They didn't leak, oh no, nothing so mundane. They collected snow.

See, no one ever told me that when you have slits in your sole, it's like walking with little snow shovels on your feet. About halfway to the library, I discovered a snowball in my shoe between the sole and the inside lining. Then the snow got compacted by my weight and turned into ice.

Have you ever tried walking with a marble sized chunk of ice in your shoe? I don't recommend it.

Here's what the last half of my walk looked like: I would start out walking normally, begin to limp, stop bang my shoes against the curb, fence, pole, whatever, (swearing under my breath) and then start walking normally again. The drivers passing by must have thought I was a crazy person.

(Ahh, invisible spiders!!! Get them off me!)

By the time I got to the library, I was hot, grumpy and limping. Fortunately my library had lots of books and comfy couches. (Comfy couches cure all ills.) But I am NEVER doing that again.

So that's my 'duh' moment of the month. Anyone else done something stupid lately?


  1. You may be on to something here, Miriam. Snow shovel shoes. What a concept, easy on the back and great exercise! Can't you picture it? :) You know, if you collect enough of these NETM posts, I'm thinking handy little book maybe?

  2. Something dumb? You had to ask... Yesterday, I went out to Rediscovered to pick up a book I'd ordered. Despite the fact that they'd called a couple days before to say it was there, Bruce and Laura couldn't find it. They said another one was coming in today and they would call me when it arrived. Later at home, I was wrapping presents...and I found the book. Apparently, I had picked it up a couple days ago and didn't remember. Kind of scary!!

  3. Also, wouldn't it be NOETM?

  4. Joanne- Mmmm... Good thought on the shoes. Kind of like the shoes with spikes on them so you can aerate your lawn. Very Skymall.

    Amy- Hee, hee. That's awesome. And yes, it should be NOETM, but I though that might be too long. Perhaps I was mistaken....

  5. I do stupid stuff every day. Talk to your sister if you want an example.

    NOETM is more accurate of an abbreviation, but I'd go for N1ETM.

  6. I like the acronym! And no, I've never walked with ice chunks in my shoes! At least not yet :)

  7. Oh yes, yes, yes. And, btw, is that a play on He-Man's Master of the Universe? That's what your post reminds me of... : )

    I slept through my puppy-bathroom shift last night, and my husband got up at five in the morning to a HUGE mess to clean. He. Was. Not. Happy.

    : (


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