Merry Christmas Eve!!!

I have a present for all you wonderful people! (It's also a kind of present for me too...)

You see, I was supposed to be up north this Christmas, buried in snow and hanging out with my family. Instead I'm still here in Boise, (pout) because of dumb plane prices.

*does shuffling dance of sadness*

One of the things I miss most is watching my nephew and niece. And since I cannot go to them, I will bring them to this blog. (The photos are stolen from my brother-in-law.)

Prepare yourselves for acute adorableness!

My niece as the most disgustingly adorable flower girl ever!

My nephew Christian, who was excited to walk up the "island" at my wedding.

My sister and the kids!!!

So, there you are. I hope all of you have a wonderful time this week with people you love, even if you can't be in the same room with them. Now, off to shop and wrap and prepare for tomorrow. (My husband's family does live in town, so we're going over there to eat and relax and whatnot.)

May your holiday bring smiles!

Or, whatever...


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