No one ever told me I wouldn't know my own book.

I am now in the process if typing in/rewriting the novel I wrote for National Novel Writing Month. And something very strange is happening, very Twilight Zone.

Dee-dee Dee-dee Dee-dee Dee-dee.....

The book doesn't feel like mine at all. It feels like I'm typing in some strange thing I found at a yard sale or something. When I first started, I kept stopping and reading my husband parts, then asking "Is this good?" I honestly couldn't tell.

Perhaps it was the timeline. The last book I wrote, it took a year for me to finish the first draft, plenty of time to play around in that world. Plenty of time to get used to the characters and involved in the story. I wrote this current WIP in twenty-five days, then didn't look at it for a month. So now it feels odd.

It's a weird thing to poke about in your subconscious and not recognize yourself. Has this happened to anyone else?


  1. I read stuff after a while and don't remember writing it. And then I think about things that would make it better and then find them in the next paragraph.

  2. I know, PJ. Another weird thing is that usually I can remember what comes next. This time I'm clueless. I keep thinking. "Okay, good scene, but where did I go from here..." If my handwriting wasn't so terrible, I'd just sit down and read the thing straight through. (I should do that anyway.)

  3. I find the opposite happens. If I work too long on a piece of writing, with no break, I start to question its quality, its familiarity. I like to pick up something I haven't worked on for awhile, even a week between viewing, and see it fresh.

  4. Very strange! I've never not recognized my work. I have, though, read through a first draft and decided it was utter crap.

  5. Joanne- Maybe the problem is I'm not used to seeing my work in such a fresh light. Heck, that can only be a good thing, right?

    Amy- I know that feeling too. It's not so much that I don't recognize the words, as I don't remember what I was thinking when I wrote them. :-)

  6. That's a darned quality problem! : ) Sounds like you were very successful in NanoWrimo!

  7. Ooo, I never thought of it like that... That makes me feel better about the pages and pages of revision notes I just made. :-)


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