Wednesday already!

Sorry about the late post, but I was at work until after 11pm tonight. But I just wanted to say...


And give you five things I'm thankful for. Tonight I am thankful for...

1. A wonderful funny husband when I'm tired out of my mind.

2. Carmel mochas. (until they spill on the floor)

3. Mops. (See #2)

4. The fact that I can eat whatever I want tomorrow and not feel bad. :-)

5. All the wonderful people who lurk on my blog. I know you're out there, and I'm glad you enjoy it. Also my consistent comment-ers. You keep me encouraged!

Have a great day everyone!


  1. Hope you and that wonderfully funny husband of yours had a good day. Your younger sister and I had a splendid time with your youngest sister and her new husband. We will have to tell you all about it. Give us a call when you're up for a good laugh.

    In the meantime, you can get a hint of how things went, you can read the top 10 list of things I'm thankful for over at my blog.

  2. Sorry, that was supposed to read "if you want a hint of how things went."

  3. And today we're thankful for leftovers! Hope you had a wonderful holiday ...


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