Unicorns or zombies?

So, while the rest of the country debates endlessly about the pros and cons of a president who has already been elected, a few brave souls are daring to answer a really controversial question.

Which are cooler, unicorns or zombies?

For those of you who don't lurk endlessly on YA author blogs like I do, let me direct your attention here, here, here and of course, here. Now that you have the flavor of the debate, I'll tell you what I think.

Unicorns. All the way.

Now, I will admit that my prejudice against zombies partly has to do with my aversion to gore. I hate gore, especially in movies. I tolerate it better in books but I just don't care for gore or horror. And zombies, my friend, are the poster children for gore and horror. They practically roll in it for heaven's sake.

However, there is a practical reason for my choice of unicorns. As a writer and reader, I find far more "scope for imagination" in unicorns. They can be wild or tame, intelligent or stupid, violent or friendly. They can be white or black, or if you really want to go nuts, they can be red, gold, silver, etc. They have big deadly horns attached to their heads, and if you want them to fly, no one argues with you. You can pretty much do whatever you want with unicorns, they are very adaptable.

Zombies are not adaptable. Zombies are slow, shuffly dead human beings covered in various forms of gross. That's it. They are good for scaring people and eating brains and triggering our latent fear of Death. But that's pretty much all they do. And if you're smart enough and fast enough and have a sword, you don't really have to fear them much.

According to Darwin, the species that survives is the species that adapts. Sorry, zombies!

PS. My husband is torn on this issue. This is what he says. "On the zombie side, you have Shaun of the Dead, while on the unicorn side, you have Charlie."

Quite frankly, I'm not sure if Charlie is an argument for or against unicorns. As for NaNo? Well right now let's just say I'm a tad behind. I'm pretty sure zombies ate my brain.

Stupid zombies.


  1. "They can be wild or tame, intelligent or stupid, violent or friendly. They can be white or black, or if you really want to go nuts, they can be red, gold, silver, etc."

    Yup, that sums up zombies right there. Except for the friendly part. And that whole thing about being slow? Not so much. Many of the modern takes on zombies give them speed, agility, and a cunning wit to trick their prey (us).

    What's cooler? I'd have to say the undead. (but of course, I may be biased in my preference for supernatural thrillers & horror)

  2. Definitely cast my vote for the unicorns. There's the whole coolness factor to be considered, and the unicorn's got it.

  3. Ah, Nick, but what do you say to Simon Pegg's assertion that a fast zombie is no zombie at all?


    Besides, I've never seen a gold or silver zombie. Mummies, maybe, but mummies are a totally different kettle of fish.

    Yah, Joanne! Unicorns are awesomely cool. How do you feel about zombie unicorns?

  4. How about a herd of flying zombie unicorns?

  5. Oh, my... I think the utter coolness of flying zombie unicorns has rendered me speechless...


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