Special Sunday Bonus Post!!!!

Here it is, your special post, with several special things on it....

#1 Final NaNo update~

Book Genre: YA fantasy
Medium: Longhand

Total Word Count so far: 33,000 words

Well I didn't make 50,000. But as I said in last Saturday's post, I got a lot of good things out of National Novel Writing Month, and I look forward to doing it next year. I hope to hit 34,000 at the Last-Chance-Write-In tonight.

#2 National Day of Listening~

Friday was National Day of Listening, a fabulous day honoring the stories that make up all our lives. In honor of that, I'm going to try to find a story from a friend or family member to post on the blog on Wednesday. I will also provide a link to the story compilation that the lovely Moonrat is putting together. But for now, I ask you: Who in your family has the best stories?

#3 Facebook Page and Email list~

I now have over thirty fans on my Facebook page! :-) Which is awesome, partly because I like having fans but mostly because it's a really easy way to get people info about my book. The book is coming out next year, so if you want updates, sign up on Facebook. (The link is under the penguin... Oops!

If you don't have Facebook, and still want updates, drop me an email and I'll put you on my email list.

#4 Poke the Penguin!

So, I've been wanting to post this forever. This is me when my writing time is interrupted.....


  1. Congrats on your Nano accomplishment - raising a coffee cup toast to you! Do you feel a sense of relief/accomplishment now? And I like that idea of a National Day of Listening, what a great concept. It's nice to honor the stories, written or merely passed down through families.

  2. Who in my family has the best stories? That's so totally me. Want proof? Read my story about the security guard from Burger King jumping on the hood of my car. If you google "Burger King dough boy" it's the first result. And if that's not enough, remind me to tell you about the Vigilante-Pizza-Delivery-Boy vs. the Town-Drunk.

  3. Umm I must say that Poke the Penguin is really just an animated picture of our relationship as children!!!! You of course are the Penguin so patient (to a point) I of course are the uber annoying finger!!!!! Annoying you to find your breaking point. Ahh the nostalgia of it all :)

  4. Gosh, if I was as irresistibly poke-able as the penguin, I can understand. You were lucky I didn't have access to things like flamethrowers and shotguns. :-)


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