Nanowrimo update #4

Book Genre: YA fantasy
Medium: Longhand

Total Word Count so far: over 30,000 words

First things first. Sorry about not posting on Wednesday. I had a crisis come my way. I won't bore you with the details, but it did take up most of my attention on Wednesday and Thursday and Friday. I also had a revelation that perhaps trying to write 16,000 words per day isn't the best thing for me right now in terms of stress management.

Does this mean I'm quitting NaNo? Definitely not!

However, I'm not going to try to win this year. I'm going to keep writing every day and keep connecting with the other Nano'ers in Boise, but I'm not going to try to hit the 50,000 word mark.

Is this discouraging? A little. But on the other hand, I got some things out of Nano that have nothing to do with winning it.

1. I made the half-way mark, which means I wrote over 25,000 words in fifteen days. That's no small thing.

2. I know I can establish a good writing schedule and stick to it.

3. AND, I finished the plot arc for my next YA novel. (Yah!) It's a bit short right now because I have to rewrite and expand some parts, but to all intents and purposes I have a whole book with a beginning , middle and end, a book I might not have had the motivation to write without NaNo.

So, for you Nano'ers out there, DON'T QUIT YET OKAY? After all, someone has to win this thing....


  1. It seems Number 2 is really important, and it's great you got that out of NaNo. Sometimes finding the time to write is harder than the writing itself. But if we prioritize and set it as a scheduled part of life, well, let the words flow! Congrats on all you've accomplished.

  2. Just stopping by to wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving! Enjoy ...


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