Nanowrimo update #3

Book Genre: YA fantasy
Medium: Longhand
Daily Goal: 12 pages per day (ha!)

Total Pages so far: 130 pages
Total Word Count so far: 27,329 words


And now I'm out of plot.


(Which are cooler, zombie butterflies, or a herd of flying zombie unicorns?)


  1. Hmm. My first thought was that unicorns are popular, familiar. But who ever heard of zombie butterflies? Just the shock factor of the butterflies alone, being zombies, is riveting. It seems like you could do a lot with that. I'd say the butterflies are cooler. And congrats on the wordcount. You're on the home-stretch!
    P.S. Back at my blog, Marilyn is searching for a coffee depicting Fairy Tale writing. Being a barista, I thought you might have an informed suggestion? We're sending you an SOS!

  2. Congratulations!! I'm doing mine longhand too, but have fallen woefully short. Ah well. :)

    I have fortunately not gotten stuck, though. I'm letting my character tell me her story, so I write whatever pops into her head, even if it's not going to be used in the final drafts. Keeps me going, anyway. :) Good luck with Nano!!

  3. Zombie butterflies came up at a Nano Midway party I went to yesterday, and I, unfortunately cannot take credit. Now my challenge is to think of something even cooler... :-)

    Left my coffee suggestion on the blog. Mmmm... coffee....

  4. Thanks for the encouragement, Tabitha! Keep going, I've been told it eventually gets easier.


  5. Now that you give me the extra choice, I'd have to go with a herd of flying zombie unicorns.

    As for the coffee to compliment writing fairy tales... I"d recommend a white chocolate mocha made with white coffee. (unfortunately, you can't get it at Starbucks because they don't do white coffee)

  6. Not to advertise my ignorance, but what exactly is white coffee? I've never been sure...

  7. I'm not sure about this one. Instinctively I want to say Zombie Butterflies, but I'm not sure how impressive a Zombie is when you can catch it in a jar...

  8. Hee, hee... I now have a picture of a little four-inch zombie shuffling around in a peanut butter jar with a twig and a leaf.

    Look what I caught, Mom! Can I keep him!

  9. Hoping all's quiet here because you're in a NaNo typing frenzy!! :)


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