Nanowrimo update #2

Book Genre: YA fantasy
Medium: Longhand
Daily Goal: 12 pages per day

Total Pages so far: 62 pages
Total Word Count so far: 1o,850 words

Okay, we're into the second week of National Novel Writing Month, and I'm doing okay. I did not meet my daily goal on election day, for obvious reasons, and I did not get a chance to write on Wednesday either. So yesterday was a off-and-on, five hour effort to get caught up. Which I did, but now I'm running into problems.

Someone told me very kindly, that the second week is the hardest
because that's when you run out of plot. I think I'm having the opposite problem. I have so many ideas for what could happen that I find myself staring off into space thinking, instead of writing. This eats up my writing time, and leaves me with no actual words.

Not good.

My other problem is that I keep adding scenes in my head that will eventually go in earlier parts of the book. But that distracts me from the parts I'm actually writing. This one is solvable though, as I discovered yesterday. I simply stop my character and have her remember what happened before, in a kind of cheesy, wavy-screen flashback. Terrible writing of course, but that's not the point.

Second week, here I come!


  1. Liking the enthusiasm here! Sounds like you have enough ideas to, if not carry you through to the end of the month, to at least feed off of in garnering even more ideas to develop the story! I give you credit for the pace. Keep on typing! :)

  2. Thanks for the encouragement, Joanne, I think I'm gonna need it...

    Also, as per your comment on Wednesday. My work puts out a compilation Christmas album with both older artists, (like Dean Martin,etc) and newer artists, singing Christmas songs. I don't remember who's on this year's CD, but they are always very cool.

  3. Love Dino singing Rudy the Red Nosed Reindeer! Happy holidays ( a little early?) And keep typing!


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