Almost forgot to update there. That was a close one...

It's been like that all week for me, though. Thinking Monday was Tuesday, thinking this week is next week, stuff like that. Me, I'm blaming it on my rewrites.

Here's the deal. There comes a point for me in every project where I think to myself. "This is coming together really well. The writing flows and the dialogue is good. I just have to fix A, B and C."

So I fix A, B and C, and reread it. Now the flow is jerky, the dialogue sounds stilted and the whole thing just clunks. My repairs, though necessary, have lowered the quality of the whole dang thing.


I hate it when this happens because then I begin to wonder if I can really write at all. Maybe I 'm just a hack. I start wondering what I'm going to do with my life now that writing has so obviously failed me. Maybe, if no one is around, I cry a little.

Then I call the waa-mbulance and get off my bum and do another rewrite. Usually the third time is the one that works, with all problems fixed and good writing to boot. Needless to say though, the process is rather mentally exhausting, and that's why I keep forgetting what day it is.

It is Wednesday, right?


  1. It's like the story of the centipede that is walking along and a bee says: hey! you, how can you possibly walk with all those legs?
    and the centipede thinks, what? and suddenly gets self-conscious - falls over. She can't walk. It is too difficult with all these legs to think about. But slowly, gradually, one leg at a time she tries again. It isn't easy and she walks in such a weird way and she really really has to concentrate.

    but weeks later she is walking fine. in fact she's walking better than ever. she has so much control she is dancing along. the fly can say whatever he wants because now she's in control.

    or that's my hope....

  2. So true. When I start overthinking how I write, I get into serious trouble. The best thing I've found is to be patient, and let the process take as long as it takes.

    Banging your head on the desk also helps...

  3. Take heart, we've all been there. I love it when I'm so immersed in writing/revision that I don't know what day it is, losing all track of time. But you're right - exhausting! (Love the Waa-mbulance!)


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