A very bookish post.

I had one of those mini-revelations yesterday, the kind that don't really change your life, but make for serious thought. Despite my well known book addiction, I've actually said very little about books themselves on this blog.

That seemed... odd. More odd than I usually am. But after considering the whys and wherefores, I found an answer.

I read too fast. As I explained in one of my Life of Books posts, I read much faster than most people I know, especially when it's a book I'm familiar with. This means that by the time I get to blog day, whatever book I was thinking about sharing with you is buried two to three books back. Plus, I've been on a comfort reading kick, which means all the books are books I've read before.

(I do promise to tell you if I read anything new or exciting.)

So for your amusement, I present an overview of my recent reading habits.

Tuesday was introvert-recharge day. My husband was gone all day. I opened at my store in the morning, got home at nine am, took a three hour nap, and proceeded to spend the rest of the afternoon/night curled up on the couch. I'm on a Mercedes Lackey binge, and made it through Exile's Valor, To Take a Thief, and most of Arrows of the Queen before I turned in.

Other Lackey books I've read in the last week/week-and-a-half include...

Exile's Honor
Storm Rising

Storm Breaking
Winds of Fate
Brightly Burning

I tried to read All Creatures Great and Small by James Herriot, but half-way through the book, I found myself fighting for it with my husband, who loves the Herriot books. So now I'm waiting for him to finish, and reading fantasy instead.

I have about... seven books in my car waiting to be read. About half of them are Lackey, but the rest are Gideon Oliver books by Aaron Elkins. They're forensic mysteries with solid writing, and a little easier read then Kathy Reichs's books.

I did read my first Temperance Brennan forensic mystery by Kathy Reichs: Monday Mourning. Very good, she definitely knows what she's talking about, and I really liked Temperance as a character. I got a little lost during the three page explanation of carbon dating and related sciences, though.

So that's my last couple weeks of reading. How about you?


  1. Oh, for a day to curl up and read! One of these days I'll get my introverted recharge in too! (I hope!) I've been reading C.S. Lewis's Perelandra. Have you read any of those? I'm reading it slowly with a friend so we can chat about it. I read it before and liked it.

  2. You DO read fast. I agree with beloved, oh to have a day to curl up and read. My reading right now is caught in snatches throughout the day, never long enough. Just finished Alice Hoffman The Ice Queen a couple days ago.

  3. The reading this week, unfortunately, has come at the price of laundry and housework. It's back to the daily grind next week, though. :-)

    And the day of reading... well, I hadn't done anything like that for a very long time. But it's been a.. um... STRESSFUL few months. When I burst into tears for little or no reason for the third day in a row, I figured I needed the rest.

  4. I have read Perelandra, in fact, I've read the trilogy. The first two were great and I devoured them. (not literally)

    The third one was not so easy. I got through it eventually, but it took several tries.


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