More reasons why I write...

1. As I said before, it's good for my soul. I tend to get very cranky if I haven't written for a while. (This could also mean I'm addicted.)

2. It's fun. I love putting characters through tons of crap and watching them fight their way out.

3. It's simple. You only need imagination, pen and paper. I wrote almost all my second book in one five-dollar notebook and a couple yellow legal pads.

4. It's also pretty cheap, unless you get the conference bug.

5. I'm no good at high finance.

6. I get to be anti-social and other people think it's cool.

7. I have to.

If you don't understand that last one, there's no way I can explain it properly.

I can't not write. That's all there is to it.

1 comment:

  1. Nice list, I feel the same way about much of them, mostly #7. There's no way to explain it, is there? Maybe the way we also have to eat? Enjoyed reading ...


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