Ah... walking.

Last week I meandered into work, still yawning and sleepy. One of my shift supervisors asked me how I was doing and I said (trying to be funny) that I was tired. Her reply brought me up short. She said, with a look of concern, "You know, you're always tired."


And it was true. For the six weeks, I've been in a constant state of tiredness. Now I was blaming it on all the different things that have been going on, and just being married and having family visit and trying to finish my book. But I realized that none of that should put have made me as tired as I am. After some brain-racking, I came up with the answer.

I haven't exercised for almost three months.

I was doing well over the summer, exercising with a friend of mine. But then she moved to Korea. (pout) I had no motivation to do videos, and Dan and I can't even afford gas right now, much less a gym membership. So I decided to start walking. I used to love to walk, in fact, my husband and I were taking long night walks before we ever officially started dating. It's not as "fast" or results oriented as other exercises, but at least I would be moving.

So yesterday, after work, I went into this little neighborhood behind my store and walked for 40 minutes. It was quite relaxing to just be by myself, and the day was cool and sunny. One of those days that makes you happy for no reason.

This morning I woke up feeling more energetic then I have for a while. Hooray! So this is my goal, to walk before or after work at least 5 times a week for 30-40 minutes. I'll let you know how it goes.

After all a writer's mind is only as alert as her body, right?

Speaking of alert minds, 1987 is out on my Life Of Books blog. And my Excellence List will be the next to be updated, so stay tuned!

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  1. I so agree! I walk 2 miles/day, 5 times a week and after awhile, you get addicted to it. It's true, your waking hours are more alert, and you sleep better. Amazing what a few times around a track or neighborhood can do. Not to mention all those plot points you can work out while ruminating on those walks!


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