Updates and not-quite empty promises

So the writer's conference went really well. It was neither as wonderfully affirming as I was secretly hoping or as discouraging as I was afraid it would be. My personal critique with the editor was unusual--she said my book sample was interesting but that she might not be the right person to critique it since she prefers magical realism to outright fantasy. So, a little bit of bummer there. On the other hand, she's a lovely, kind woman and I actually got to talk to her about myself a little and where I was coming from as a writer, so I feel like I made a good connection. I made several good connections that day with some very nice writers, plus getting to hang out with my writer's group. All and all, it was great.

Sorry it took so long to get you that update. My sister and her family are coming into town tomorrow, so the last four days have been very intensive housecleaning and toddlerproofing. This is also why I did not get around to posting on the other blogs like I said I would. I will do it next week, though.


Just to wet your whistle, here are some of the COMING BLOG ATTRACTIONS!

Why I respect Dave Barry and Kevin Murphy

Why I am a writer

My favorite place on earth

The first book I ever wrote

Nerd confessions

These are all coming up in the next few weeks, so thank you to my regular readers. (you guys are awesome) And hang in there, I'm coming.....

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