Questions, questions...

First off, I just became a facebook nerd. So come see my page and be a fan! (the link is on the sidebar.) All the cool kids are doing it. Or at least some of them are.... maybe...


I think I'm getting sick.

See, this is the annoying thing about colds-and-flu-type illnesses. Until it really hits you, you're not sure what it is. You don't feel well, but are you sick? You could be just tired, or maybe emotionally drained. Perhaps your air-conditioning isn't working well and it's too hot in your apartment. Maybe you just need to drink more water, eat so more protein or fiber for the day. All of these things are completely possible.

How are you supposed to fend off sickness if you don't know whether you're getting sick? This question is important, because I want to go to a friend's CD release party tonight. But if I'm getting sick I should stay home and rest. Not to mention the possibility of giving others this bug. But if I'm not sick, I certainly don't want to miss it.


Okay, I'll be logical about this, present the evidence for me being sick or not-sick. Here goes.


1. I've had plenty of sleep lately and I'm not really stressed, so those things aren't lowering my immune system.

2. I drove around today running errands in the sun and our apartment is quiet warm. i often feel sick when I'm too warm.

3. I haven't had a lot of water today, so I could be dehydrated. Or...

4. I could just be focusing on the way I feel too much, making myself feel worse in the time-honored manner of hypochondriacs everywhere.


1. I have gotten a lot of sleep lately, so why am I still so tired?

2. I'm feeling cranky, and emotionally spent with no good reason. All I want to do is curl up with Mercedes Lackey's new Elemental novel and do nothing, despite the fact that I had a rather good week.

3. I've been coughing a little, and my throat is scratchy. And finally...

4. My husband is sick. And I mean sick. With a mild fever and chills and sinus trouble and everything. And while he's been sleeping in a chair the last couple of nights so he could breathe better, that doesn't mean I won't wind up with whatever he has.

And the verdict is.... Indecision. I still don't know what to do. Perhaps I'll drink some water, turn up the ac and think about it some more.

Update: For those of you following along at home, I decided I was sick and stayed in last night. This morning I developed a fever. I hate being right.

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