I failed.

Dang. This consistent blog thing is harder then I thought. But I will not be defeated! Wednesdays and Saturdays, there will be blogging!

And if something comes up, like having four extra people sleeping in my computer room--two of which are toddlers--and having my brother-in-law borrow my internet cable for the weekend, then I will let you know ahead of time, so you know that I won't be posting.

We now return you to the regularly scheduled programing.

Updates and not-quite empty promises

So the writer's conference went really well. It was neither as wonderfully affirming as I was secretly hoping or as discouraging as I was afraid it would be. My personal critique with the editor was unusual--she said my book sample was interesting but that she might not be the right person to critique it since she prefers magical realism to outright fantasy. So, a little bit of bummer there. On the other hand, she's a lovely, kind woman and I actually got to talk to her about myself a little and where I was coming from as a writer, so I feel like I made a good connection. I made several good connections that day with some very nice writers, plus getting to hang out with my writer's group. All and all, it was great.

Sorry it took so long to get you that update. My sister and her family are coming into town tomorrow, so the last four days have been very intensive housecleaning and toddlerproofing. This is also why I did not get around to posting on the other blogs like I said I would. I will do it next week, though.


Just to wet your whistle, here are some of the COMING BLOG ATTRACTIONS!

Why I respect Dave Barry and Kevin Murphy

Why I am a writer

My favorite place on earth

The first book I ever wrote

Nerd confessions

These are all coming up in the next few weeks, so thank you to my regular readers. (you guys are awesome) And hang in there, I'm coming.....


So it's 2:30 in the morning, right before the writer's conference I've been looking forward to for months. And I can't sleep. Maybe it's my new medication. Or maybe I've angered the slumber gods.


So I'm posting, since I won't be able to post about the conference itself until late tonight. Check in tonight or tomorrow for updates. (If I don't' sleep through the whole thing.)

Random late night question: Is there a Guinness Book of World Records record for tallest/most layers in a peanut butter and jelly sandwich?

I did it!

All right! I totally kicked the rewriting gremlin's arse! My second book manuscript is officially typed up and off to my little Review Board. Initial reactions are positive! And the first ten pages is in for a personal review with a fairly big editor in the children's field. I'm going to see her on Saturday, at the writer's conference.

Okay, so on paper that sounds really exciting and full of wondrous possibilities. And there's a little part of me that's jumping up and down, clapping her hands and squealing. But I've also got a hyper-intelligent, practical and slightly condescending big-sister voice in my head. For your enjoyment, I've recorded some of my schizophrenic thoughts here.

Optimism: I can't believe it. I got it done! And the people who have seen it really like it. Maybe this editor will really like it too!

Pessimism: Maybe. But remember, even if she does like it, she can't just say "I want to sign you up right now" She has to do proposals and get the okay from her higher-ups.

Optimism: I think it's some of the best work I've ever done. Maybe I should print out the whole thing in submission form and keep it in my car on Saturday, just in case.

Pessimism: In case of what, your apartment exploding? She's not going to want to haul around a manuscript on the plane. And you can get her input, change things if you need to, and send it to her a week or so after you see her. If she even asks you to, which is kind of a big if.

Optimism: How can she not want to see it? It's good, I know it is. Maybe not Shakespere or Rowlings or anything, but definitely well-written. Surely she'll want me to send her the whole thing. Maybe she'll tell me how good it is in our session.

Pessimism: Or maybe she'll tell you all the things that are wrong with it. It's not like you know everything, you know. In ten years from now, you'll probably read it and cringe. Anyway, the most likely thing to happen, is she'll have some good things to say, and a lot of advice and changes to suggest. You should be prepared for her to say something like, "This wouldn't be right for our publishing house, but good luck in placing it." That's probably what will happen.

Optimism: (cries)

So there you have it. My inner argument. At the moment pessimism is winning. It's not that I don't love my childlike, optimistic side. I do. Perhaps I'm afraid if I get too excited about this writing thing and it falls flat then my exuberant, creative side will curl up and die from disappointment.

Does anyone else out there have this problem?


So, some of you wonderful people have pointed out that my other blogs are sadly lacking, and have not been updated for some time. This is something I hope to fix once I get over the Martian Death Flu.

And after I finish typing in the second rewrite on my book.

And after I pick up the piles of glasses and plates and Kleenex that happen when both the husband and the wife are sick.

And after Dan's gig on Friday night.

And once I finish getting ready for the writer's conference I'm going to on the 20th.

So... how does a week from Friday sound?

Questions, questions...

First off, I just became a facebook nerd. So come see my page and be a fan! (the link is on the sidebar.) All the cool kids are doing it. Or at least some of them are.... maybe...


I think I'm getting sick.

See, this is the annoying thing about colds-and-flu-type illnesses. Until it really hits you, you're not sure what it is. You don't feel well, but are you sick? You could be just tired, or maybe emotionally drained. Perhaps your air-conditioning isn't working well and it's too hot in your apartment. Maybe you just need to drink more water, eat so more protein or fiber for the day. All of these things are completely possible.

How are you supposed to fend off sickness if you don't know whether you're getting sick? This question is important, because I want to go to a friend's CD release party tonight. But if I'm getting sick I should stay home and rest. Not to mention the possibility of giving others this bug. But if I'm not sick, I certainly don't want to miss it.


Okay, I'll be logical about this, present the evidence for me being sick or not-sick. Here goes.


1. I've had plenty of sleep lately and I'm not really stressed, so those things aren't lowering my immune system.

2. I drove around today running errands in the sun and our apartment is quiet warm. i often feel sick when I'm too warm.

3. I haven't had a lot of water today, so I could be dehydrated. Or...

4. I could just be focusing on the way I feel too much, making myself feel worse in the time-honored manner of hypochondriacs everywhere.


1. I have gotten a lot of sleep lately, so why am I still so tired?

2. I'm feeling cranky, and emotionally spent with no good reason. All I want to do is curl up with Mercedes Lackey's new Elemental novel and do nothing, despite the fact that I had a rather good week.

3. I've been coughing a little, and my throat is scratchy. And finally...

4. My husband is sick. And I mean sick. With a mild fever and chills and sinus trouble and everything. And while he's been sleeping in a chair the last couple of nights so he could breathe better, that doesn't mean I won't wind up with whatever he has.

And the verdict is.... Indecision. I still don't know what to do. Perhaps I'll drink some water, turn up the ac and think about it some more.

Update: For those of you following along at home, I decided I was sick and stayed in last night. This morning I developed a fever. I hate being right.

I love the library!

So the rewriting gremlin has been kicking my, um... bum. Mainly because my desktop computer is no good for typing the way it's set up. And my desk is too small to fix the problem.

I miss my lappy. (laptop)

Anyway, so today I got off work at 8:30 in the morning,(don't ask what time I got there) and went to the local library. Since there aren't a lot of heavy computer users at nine in the morning, I've been able to stay on this computer for a good three hours.

Yeah, I've pretty much kicked the rewriting gremlin into the middle of next week. Because I'm awesome. And because the library is awesome. So, only three more major scenes and this baby is typed in. Which means those of you who are waiting with bated breath to read my second draft should brush your teeth and get ready to give opinions.

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