My husband is a hero...

After great labor (on my husband's part) and great stress and worry (on my part) the rewriting has been saved!

I am limp with relief. But now I must take a moment of silence to mourn my faithful friend, the laptop.

I'll miss you, buddy.



  1. Miriam, I have been avidly reading your blog since you found me a couple weeks ago, meaning to send you a "I found you!" comment as well. I was absolutely compelled to write this morning when I saw this husband comment. Husband?! Who, what, where, why, and how? I am anxiously awaiting this good news. I'm also anxiously awaiting a more thorough perusal of your published work. It has given me great pleasure to hear your voice again, and remember all the little things (and big things, too!) that are so delightful about you!

  2. Iyiyi! Congrats on saving the work! Many sympathies for the loss of the laptop. May the rewriting continue in its memory.


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