Library confessions

There's a pile of library books sitting by my door. To be specific, there are nine. I know for a fact that there are also five to ten others in my car. All of these library books have been read already and are waiting to be returned.

They have been waiting several weeks.


Why can't I return library books in a timely manner? It's not because of locations, or gas prices. I work, and have worked for almost three years within ten minutes of a library. I could go there before work, after work, or even on a lunch if I were desperate.

But I don't. And if I do, then half the time I forget my books, and simply end up checking out more books, and the pile by my door grows larger.

My personal record for a library fine is upwards of forty dollars. Granted that was a special case. I had about twenty books out and went on vacation for two weeks without checking the due dates. But still...

It has gotten better lately. I do return books mostly on time, and the fines are usually in the range of one to four dollars. I kind of accept it now. I'm a book junkie, and if paying a fine every couple of months for my fix is what I must do, then I do it gladly.

Besides, I'm pretty sure I personally paid for the library's new carpet.

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  1. We've got a stack laying around that we've had since... I don't even remember when we got them. I think it's a Forster thing. Before I met your sister, I RARELY failed to return a library book or movie rental on time. Since we got married, late fees have become a common occurrence.


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