A random slice of me

So today I was at my bill-paying job, serving legally addictive substances to the general public. (I work in a coffee shop.) One of my regular customers comes in, whom I will call Fred, not because it is his name but because I'm so tired right now I can't even remember to blink, let alone who I had a conversation with 12 hours ago.


Fred came in and ordered a drink, and we chatted a bit while I went to write his name on his cup. This is a close approximation of our conversation.

Me: I'm going to call you 'Super Fred!' today. (writes it on cup)

Him: Why?

Me: (pausing) Um.. I don't know. Because things like that just come to me and I say them.

Him: Ah, I see.

Me: (awkward silence)

Yeah. Scaring people with randomness. That's how I roll.

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